Reloadly offers a mobile number portability lookup service that enables you to retrieve the network operator details of a mobile number.
There is a rising trend where mobile numbers are ported to a different network operator. The carrier lookup service reveals the current network operator of these numbers and optimizes their routes for actions like calls, SMS, and data bundles.
This service allows a user to retrieve details of a mobile number regardless of whether it has been ported. The user may make an HTTP GET or POST request to retrieve the details of the mobile number.
Reloadly has an open-source library used to format, parse, and validate the authenticity of an international phone number. You can check it out here on GitHub.
Do note that this is a PAID service. As such, there is a pricing schedule attached to this service. You can find more details on the pricing through your dashboard. Alternatively, if you have any questions, you can always reach out to us via our community
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