Utility Payments
What are Utility Bills?
Utilities like Electricity, Water, TV and Internet are essential services that are provided by utility companies servicing your local region. These services are usually postpaid or prepaid.
Reloadly's Utility Payments API provides you the capability to pay a growing number of service providers in multiple markets.
An application developer can easily integrate with Reloadly's Utility Payments API and start accepting payments from end users. Payments are routed to the utility company in real-time via Reloadly's scalable network. You can either pay to local utility companies, or pay for cross-border companies. You don't need to deal with cumbersome paperwork or contracts since we have made this easy for you.
Irrespective of the destination utility company, Reloadly's customers are completely abstracted away of the underlying heterogeneity and complexities involved in integrating with utility companies. We have already done the hard work of integration so that you don't have to.
Sign up on Reloadly and start sending payments to a fast growing network of utility companies brought closer to you by Reloadly.
This documentation contains details of each endpoint in the Utility Payments API.
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