What are webhooks?
When you build your application using Reloadly’s APIs, you may want to receive events from Reloadly over HTTP(S). Reloadly uses webhooks to notify your application whenever an event occurs on your Reloadly account. Examples of such events are:
  • Processing completed for an asynchronously submitted airtime topup
  • Processing completed for an asynchronously submitted gift card order
A webhook is a user-defined HTTP callback. Webhooks enable Reloadly to send events to your app based on processing that occurs at Reloadly's end. The event payload is formatted as a JSON object with pertinent information about the event. Your application is then free to parse the JSON object and process it suitably.
The user is free to implement webhooks in a technology agnostic way. You have full flexibility on the programming language and/or frameworks that you use to implement your webhook. The underlying communication mechanism is HTTP(s). Reloadly POSTs the event payload to your webhook endpoint with suitable headers.
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